The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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Thanks to the pandemic, more people are open and embracing the digital nomad lifestyle of being location independent. With more technological advancements and the increased adoption of the internet, making a good living from anywhere in the world is becoming more of a reality.

Corporations and governments are now implementing policies to accommodate the digital nomad lifestyle such as work from anywhere policies and digital nomad visas. And more products and services(e.g co-working and coliving spaces) for digital nomads.

A good ground has been laid out for digital nomadism and almost anyone can become a digital nomad if they choose to. Many believe that with globalisation, this is where the world is heading and It is expected that there will be more remote workers in the coming years.

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Explore The World And Get Paid

I've always been keen on exploring the world and all that it entails. I've read much about the world but have had little experience about it. Still stuck with second hand knowledge with no first hand experience.

In the olden days, nomadism was largely practiced by the traders. They were the ones who travel to fertile areas of value in search of greener pastures. Nowadays, much of this value has been duplicated and expanded on in the digital sphere. So there's no need to travel to find value, however there's still the desire to travel and explore.

Remote work has made it possible for people to get paid for the work they do from anywhere and in some cases the pay is higher and there's more free time available since one is usually paid for the work delivered and not the time it takes to do it. If we could do our work from anywhere then we could be anywhere we want. Work was one of the main reasons why people were tied to a certain location.

There's is also this thing called value arbitrage in which one earns in a global currency(e.g USD, EUR) and not the native currency(e.g GMD, NGN) in which the country they're residing in. It is one of the main appeals of digital nomadism as it gives people the possibility to earn more and spend less which is quite welcomed while travelling.

Digital nomad is a sort of flexible and minimalistic lifestyle that's enabled by technology. People have more options on the kind of lifestyle they want to live and technology is there to accommodate most of it.

For the adventurers, it's a huge opportunity. People are out here making a career and a living off their traveling adventures across the globe. I follow a few on YouTube and it's always interesting to watch their journey, the places they've visited and the things they came across.

In Conclusion

Despite it becoming a rising trend as of late and how it resonates with me, I can't see myself pushing the envelope to explore a digital nomadic lifestyle anytime soon due to some entanglements that'll first have to be sorted out.

Meanwhile, I can only be digital and get paid. The nomadic exploration will have to come later. Are you planning on becoming a digital nomad? Does the lifestyle appeal to you?

Thanks for reading!! Share your thoughts below on the comments.

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Yesso I’m looking forward to being just that, right now I already am, but without the nomadic exploration part.

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Great to hear! The nomadic exploration could come sooner that we expect.

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A random thought ran through me earlier today and I was thanking Covid that it escalated the embracing of digital life/remote work I very much prefer over onsite which has been the norm for decades, I see the preference for digital life growing.

We are witnessing a reduction in wanting to seek greener pastures geographically, the digital space is now offering us greener pastures in digital form.

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Rightly so! The onsite work that has been the norm for decades isn't that feasible anymore. In a way, Covid was a blessing in disguise. It accelerating a lot of things in general, some good and some not so good.

Exactly! Now, it's beyond geography. One just has to where to look for greener pastures in the digital space. And places like web3 will be full of them in the near future.

I rather not be a digital nomad, let's be factual, it's not really for everyone. There are people like me who cannot afford it. Plus, I rather prefer to be in a place and have access to all the opportunities the internet can provide

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It's sure isn't for everyone. I think that's a great preference, almost having the best of both. Digital nomadism might be exciting but it carries some downsides such as it being more mentally/physically taxing and lack of familiarity or grounded-ness.

Yay! 🤗
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I think everyone subconsciously, we all engage in digital nomad lifestyle, everyday we explore the internet for more opportunities, regardless of the location of the job, most career oriented job are sourced online, I think it is just a matter of time before digital nomadic becomes everyone lifestyle.

The world is slowly becoming a global village, from the comfort of your home you could access any form of opportunity and information that you seek.

What is the point of typical exploration that involves physical contact when you can be anywhere and everywhere doing the things you enjoy and at the same time getting paid, isn't that the kind of lifestyle everyone on hive is living right now?

Pop in from dreamport

Yes, that's a good way to put it. Most of us are already digital nomads in the digital realm, we roam about searching for whatever we feel or want to search for.

In a way, we're doing that on Hive. However, it hits different when you're right there in physical proximity to what you're exploring. For example, being at the heart of the amazon forest, standing right in front of the Giza pyramid or walking the steps of the great wall of China. For me, it's the first hand experience that I crave for.

Thanks for stopping by from #dreemport :)

Digital nomadism is an upcoming trend that I like. One could work from anywhere with less drama and more productivity; it's a win win situation.

As a digital nomad, you also get the chance to travel as much as you want. Who wouldn't take a trip to Maldives or Dubai to work? A change of environment isn't always bad afterall.

Rightly so! When it comes to the work aspect, both parties can win.

The ability to travel is one of the its appealing aspects to me. A change in environment brings new experiences and fresh perspectives, a different level of growth.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Glad you see it from this angle too.

have an amazing weekend✨