Encrypt It Yourself I: How Email Works & The Encrypted Webmail Trap 📩🔐

in LeoFinance • 5 months ago

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After a long hiatus, #TBOT is back with another educational module on encrypting your communications! I decided to focus on this series because it felt the community was hopping from one email provider to the next, without knowing the full details. So here's a sovereign alternative. Encrypt It Yourself

In today's video you'll learn:

  • how email works
  • what can be encrypted in an email
  • how open mail protocols work (IMAP/SMTP)
  • how encrypted webmail works
  • suggestions for mail providers
  • basics of PGP

📖 Read the article
(https://takebackourtech.org/encrypt-it-yourself-1/)▶️ Watch the video

(https://odysee.com/encrypt-it-yourself-email:df18c9b15bfd2137e1122b32d71a0d93c73659c0)TBOT Challenge

  • Learn how email works
  • Get yourself an open IMAP/SMTP service
  • Get yourself a Linux machine

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 5 months ago 

These are super helpful stuff. I think most of us underestimate the importance of security in our own hands.

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