Creeping Up The Tokens!! ..... Token Goals 2021

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Weekly update to my goals.....

Another week has assed on by and when I look at my chart I get excited and discouraged at the same time.
I'm excited at the growth but it seems that it just isn't happening fast enough which makes me feel a little discouraged.

I have been earning a little #leo each week so I don't have to buy the full amount needed but I try to buy at least 10 #leo which usually covers my weekly needed amount but it's just not enough to put a dent in the amount I need to reach.

CTP & Hive are harder to build upon since I don't earn much in either one. I won't be able to accumulate the hive I need until I have completed the goals for the other token since I have to use hive in order to grow the other tokens.

I've been thinking about how I can reach my other goals to free up my hive to be able to concentrate more on reaching my ctp and hive goals.

Here's what I'm thinking;

to buy and stake #leo & #ctpm
to buy and hold #ctpsb, #index and #bee

starting with the cheapest one which would be #bee. I would still buy what I need of weekly for the others except hive and ctp but make the biggest purchase in just one of the tokens at a time starting with BEE then move on to the next until I've reached my goals in each with Leo being the last cause it is the most expensive one.

After I've reached the goals in the other tokens I can the focus on #CTP & #HIVE splitting my purchase between the 2.

How does this sound to you? Does it make since? Do you have any advice or suggestions? Please leave opinions, advice, or suggestions below.

Thank you all who have taken the time to read my post and upvote them, without you, my growth would not be possible. It's great to be a part of this awesome social media platform!

Charletta Allen AKA: SuccessCharCharletta Allen....AKA; SuccessChar

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