NFT 🎮 games and huge transaction volume push Waves to record levels 📈

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As the NFT airdrop and Bittrex listing attracted new users into the project's evolving ecosystem, the price of Waves rose to a record high.

In recent months, non fungible tokens (NFT) have not only brought rewards to early investors, especially as record sales of digital art (already well-known influencers such as Paris Hilton) have brought support to the industry, which caught the attention. of the general public.

In April, the buzz behind NFTs subsided, but the recent growth of Waves (WAVES) showed that the crypto community is still excited about newly launched NFT projects.


The price of Waves surged 320% in 2021, from a low of $4.86 on Jan. 4 to an all-time high of $20.82 on April 9, thanks to record trading volume of $883 million in 24 hours.

NFT's Airdrop attracts new investors

The deal launched Duck Hunters, a game that combines NFT collectibles with enhanced seed farming, and the current excitement for WAVES has reached a new peak.

Follow-up Twitter announced the launch of the first round of the game "Duck Hunter" The release noted that all participants who fulfilled certain social commitments will receive an EGG immediately after the end of this round.


As of the listing of the USDT-WAVES market on Bittrex on March 23, the token's momentum had been established for several weeks prior to the launch of Duck Hunters.

Subsequently, on March 24, it was announced that Waves Enterprise will expand to Singapore as part of its strategy, which will focus more on creating a hybrid network that can interface with public blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH).

By adding NFT functionality to the Waves ecosystem and its evolving decentralized financial ecosystem, a comprehensive arrangement has been created, which is expected to achieve further growth as blockchain technology becomes more integrated into mainstream businesses.

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