Ebay to implement cryptocurrency payment possibilities and NFT auctions

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Online sales platform eBay will explore opportunities to enable non-fungible tokens.

The fundamental online marketplace, eBay, will investigate crypto payment possibilities for its consumers along with investigating ways to incorporate non-fungible tokens on the platform.

The CEO of eBay, mentioned that the company will continue to try to find payment possibilities such as cryptocurrencies.

In addition, eBay is going to be exploring opportunities to enable non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, on the platform in a simple way by matching digital offerings with collectibles.


One of the great things about eBay is that once there is a totally new trend, it simply pops up on eBay.

That's what we're seeing on surfaces like NFT, which we're taking into account exploring in more detail.

Jamie Iannone also said that NFT parts were already transacting on the platform now, however eBay had not yet simplified the process for consumers and sellers. Certain users additionally have the ability to place Bitcoin (BTC) to trading on the platform apparently without eBay especially sanctioning such auctions.

Executives of the online marketplace have hinted before that eBay might be open to admitting crypto payments. 3 years ago, a vice president mentioned that eBay was seriously taking into account integrating BTC into its platform as a payment procedure.

The platform additionally partnered with PayPal to facilitate payments prior to the payment provider announced it would allow cryptocurrency business last year. The company is gradually moving from using PayPal to the Adyen e-business organization. As of the first quarter of 2021, eBay has about 187 million active consumers.

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