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RE: How to get BNB or BUSD in MetaMask as US citizen-step by step

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Nice! Exactly the info I was looking for (I think). I actually have like $70 in BNB on my Exodus wallet, but when I tried to send it to Metamask, it gave me a warning that the address was unsupported or something. Not wanting to lose my funds I aborted the transfer, and kept trying to find an answer to the why, and more importantly to the how.

So I think if I get a Binance Chain Wallet, I can send my BNB there, then follow your instructions to do the cross chain transfer, all the way to Metamask. I hope my reasoning is correct.

BTW, I'm not in the US but Mexiko. No idea if that makes any difference, but since I am not even interested in Binance (other than for getting into the LPs on Cub finance) I think your post should get me there.

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Aaaaand ... it worked! I didn't even need to do the last step, as it appeared in my Metamask right away after doing the cross chain transfer.

Thanks again for this awesome help!

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No worries. Glad it helped you out. I had a devil of a time figuring it out the first time myself so I figured a little "guide" might help out a few others. Plus, as I mention, like it or not, we're graduating to defi and since there will be more things coming out, might as well learn it now. Too lucrative to miss out on.....