What is Storj?

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Storj is a Decentralized Cloud Storage.You store your files in a distributed global cloud network.The files are not stored in centralized data centers.On top of that they are encrypted.

Every file is encrypted, split into pieces, and stored on diverse Nodes.Each file gets split into 80 pieces and goes to different Nodes in different regions. Currently, over 10k Nodes are being hosted in 84 countries. So your files are in 80 different Nodes.
At the moment they have 13,513 Nodes and 6.6PB free capacity.

But what happens if a Node goes offline? They say: ''If one Node goes offline won't impact any files. Our network's automatic repair process reacts when too many pieces for any files are lost, and repairs them within a very healthy margin of safety''.Dont really understand what automatic repair process really is.And if a hdd crashes? Anyway...

STORJ token is used for payments and rewards.It is built atop the Ethereum blockchain. Storj pays you for your unused hard drive capacity and bandwidth in STORJ tokens if you want to setup a node!

As a user you can have 150GB of storage for free but with a 150GB bandwidth limit per month.Storj also gives NFT storage,FileZilla Native Integration,Backup With Duplicati among other features.

The concept is similar to Filecoin,Arweave,Sia.Maybe in the future decentralized peer-to-peer global cloud network for data storage will be a must.

(Just wanted to share the info about this platform in case someone finds it useful)


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