What is DPN ?

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We live in great times regarding technology , (everything else doesn't look good).
So lets talk about technology.Every single day i/we learn something new.

Today i learned about deeper.network which is a DPN.If you ask me i cant recall how i ended up scrolling the deeper.network site. DPN stands for Decentralized Private Network it is a different kind of Virtual Private Network. Deeper Network combines blockchain, network security and sharing economy to create a global peer to peer network. The network is server-less and distributed; user data can never be logged, leaked, hacked, or subpoenaed

The main concept is that you share a part of your bandwidth to another user.This is happening with a device that you have to obtain.

These devices sit between the modem and the router or PC/Tablet/Phone.Using there blockchain technology you can connect to another device anywhere in the world and use the bandwidth that another user shares. Everything is end-to-end encrypted. So there isn't a central server like in the traditional VPN ,users mask their IP address and avoid being spied on by third-parties.
What is more, deeper hardware can mine native DPR token as a reward for you because you contribute to the network.

So by acquiring this device you have a VPN for ever.You block all ads and you have One-click Parental Control. Also with the DEEPER CONNECT PICO you have a DPN on the go. You will be safer if you want to connect through at an airport or a cafe.
The devices are not very cheap but you will never again pay for a VPN,at home everybody will connect through the DPN and you will earn some tokens back.

My only concern is about the speed. First of all you must have a fast connection if you want to share and second the speed of the Deeper Network (it utilizes Parity’s Substrate blockchain framework, the foundation for Polkadot’s technology).

Everything is decentralising ...


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