Numbers Protocol-Do you own your photos?

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Do you own your photos? Is your photo been manipulated?

Numbers Protocol is a decentralised photo network.

According to their site 2,500,000 unlicensed images are stolen everyday. Everyone can take your content and repost. Lack of traceability and verifiability makes it challenge to believe the content you see.

These are the problems they try to solve. They made a decentralized photo network. So the images or videos that are on their network are traceable and unique.


It is very easy to steal a photo. The files of the photos have 'inside' them some information called metadata. When the photo is taken, metadata information is written in the file that is created. You can also add extra information with Adobe Bridge for example, so that you have proof that you own the photo. The problem is that everybody can erase the extra information and what is more when you upload the photo, it doesn't matter where, the metadata is vanished.

So if YOU upload the photo in the blockchain the photo becomes unique, you are the owner and you can prove ownership of the photo.

Everything is happening through an app called 'Capture App'. With the app the photos you take goes to the blockchain and now it is yours. If you want you can make it an NFT so you can transfer the photo. But the ownership is also transferred.

They have created also a token called NUM. It is the native token of the network. You can use NUM to buy, gift, register copyright and perform more actions for your images and videos. You can buy the token through KuCoin and or Pancakeswap and Uniswap. You can even stake it and farm it like other tokens.

There is also an API for developers to create their own applications

All these are very nice but i do not think it is for the professionals. They use cameras not phones. So what about them? Maybe in the future with an upgraded firmware the cameras will have this ability.

Thank you for your time...

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