STEMGeeks burn report - 82% burned this week - June 11th 2022

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STEMGeeks has burned all the author rewards on @steemgeeks and curation rewards on @stemcuration.

There are 11,1190 STEM tokens created for the reward pool weekly.

  • @stemgeeks author rewards - 26.467457 STEM
  • @stemcuration curation rewards - 2207.699294 STEM
  • 75% Author Rewards Burned - 7361.368058 STEM
  • APE Mining Club - 2080 STEM
  • STEM burned for promotion - 5 Stem

Total Burned: 11,680.534809 STEM (~82% of weekly reward pool)

STEMGeeks is approaching 3 years! The weekly (proof of brain) reward pool is 11,190 tokens, but will shrink soon.

We continue to burn all our author and curation rewards on our official accounts.

Get more author rewards

Post from and get full STEM author payouts for your posts. Posts made on any other front end will only receive 50% author rewards.

Linear rewards are now enabled!

20% of the reward pool goes to STEM Miners?

99% of the miners have been burned. Do you have any?
If you like passive income, STEM Miners have you covered.
You can grab some on Hive Engine.

There are a limited number of STEM Miners available.

Promote your posts by burning STEM to @null

Send STEM tokens to null with a STEM post in the memo. This will push your post above all others as a promoted post. It takes very little STEM to do this and be placed at the top as there is little competition for this feature right now.

By using STEM for promotion you reduce the STEM token supply increasing the potential value of the token.

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I see STEM is providing great value to publishers who use STEMGEEK frontend for posting their article, and get 100% rewards, it is indeed a unique feature, I guess no frontend offers that much flexibility.

Does burning STEM adds value to pricing? or it just to keep STEM volume at a certain fixed amount?

I would look forward to add some posts here. Thanks

Does burning STEM adds value to pricing? or it just to keep STEM volume at a certain fixed amount?

Burning reduces the supply. In theory it makes each one that isn't burned worth more, but there is no guarantee for that to be the case.

Leave at least a few coins for the collection, lol)

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 2 months ago 

It's about managing inflation until we have a larger user base.

I understand this and it brings joy and a smile, apparently, forgive me, you just didn’t appreciate my joke).

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 2 months ago 

I got the joke, was just explaining why.

And I understand why you explained this, training, education, this is part of STEM)

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