STEMGeeks burn report - 27% burned this week

in LeoFinance7 months ago

STEMGeeks has burned all the author rewards on @steemgeeks and curation rewards on @stemcuration.

There are 12,550 STEM tokens created for the reward pool weekly.

@stemgeeks author rewards - 310.061037 STEM
@stemcuration curation rewards - 74.177087 STEM
50% Author Rewards Burned - 2978.724499 STEM
misc burned rewards - 0 STEM
STEM burned for promotion - 0 Stem

Total Burned: 3,364.96 STEM (~27% of weekly reward pool)

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Post from and get full STEM author payouts for your posts. Posts made on any other front end will only receive 50% author rewards.

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AccountSTEM Power7-Day Average CurationAPR

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By using STEM for promotion you reduce the STEM token supply increasing the potential value of the token.

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Can't complain about those return rates. Would be good to see more manual voting though....

 7 months ago 

Pretty sure 3 of the 4 names listed there do manually vote.

Hey @stemgeeks, do you have Discord or someone I can talk to? I am just wondering why u downvoted my gaming post? All cool, just wanna know why.


Gaming isn’t STEM unless you’re taking about how to make one.

I don't understand, can u explain please.

I posted on my blog, not in your community. Probably, the tag is what got u?

I believe you used technology tag that brought it into my Tribe STEMGeeks.

You didn’t do anything wrong and you were not punished, I was just moderating content that didn’t fit in our community and should not receive our community token.

The flag received is a 2% flag from an account with almost no Hive. So no Hive rewards were removed. This allows me to remove STEM tokens without affecting other token rewards.

I am pushing for another solution that allows me to accomplish the same thing without having to flag at all.

I used science tag and I know, I am not talking about rewards. What I am concerned is did you checked my stream and why I put science tag there?

If u don't believe gaming and science can be in the same mix, I can explain why it can.

The main tag of the post is gaming because it was a post with twitch link where I played the game. But the game is all about science and evolution. The game is educational and you can learn a lot playing it.

So, I don't believe you should downvote that, especially because it was not in your commmunity nor it earnd a lot Hive.

There are other science related games that I can talk about to make my point stronger.

Anyway, I hope u checked the stream to see what I am talking about.

In the end, do what u want to do. Peace yo.

I will have a look. I generally do not allow any games as regardless if they are science related it isn't a learning experience.

But I would make exceptions to games that are heavily science/educationally focused like Kerbel Space Program and Eco style games as these are an educational experience.

While a game like Rebel Galaxy and Deep Space happen in space they are clearly not teaching or educational experiences. I just use these as an example of what is referred to as shoehorning. I have not looked at your stream and I am out of town right now but will have a look when I have a moment. Mainly for future situations as there wasn’t really much for rewards on the post and it was more preventive.