Promote your post contest winner

in LeoFinancelast month

Our Promote a post contest is over.

We had five qualifying entries to the contest

UserPostPromotion Value
@amr008Post6 STEM
@gungunkrishuPost10 STEM
@acontPost20 STEM
@yggdrasil.lagunaPost100 STEM
@dkmathstatsPost10 STEM

Posts that were posted via receive double credit for their promotion.

Congratulations to @yggdrasil.laguna for winning a free STEM Miner (20 Hive) which has already been sent and powered up.

Remember all promotion sent to @null is burned but will increase your exposure on trending based on organic rank and how much STEM was burned.

If there is more interest in doing another contest like this, speak up in the comments and we will consider doing it.

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Congratulations to all the winners. Post Promotion is a nice way to bring more attention to the publication. Great work team.

This was a Nice contest. Can we run more of these and have the rewards more distributed i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd.. Congratulations dear @yggdrasil.laguna for Winning; well deserved. cheers

Congratulations to @yggdrasil.laguna! It would be nice to participate in another contest.

I think running more of these contests would be good. More promotion of STEM content and more STEM tokens being burned.

@yggdrasil.laguna really wanted to win. Congratulations.

Congrats to @yggdrasil.laguna for the win . I am at the bottom :( but still happy to participate.