Promote a post, win a chance at a STEM Miner

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How to promote a post

Send any amount of STEM to @null using the memo to enter your post URL, your post will show up higher on trending based on how much STEM you sent.

Tokens used for promotion are burned from the supply reducing inflation.

How to win a STEM Miner

For the next 72 hours (until January 25th 00:00 UTC) I will award one user with a STEM Miner (20 Hive Value).

How to win

The game is simple, the user that sends the largest promotion to @null to promote their own post on STEMGeeks at the end deadline wins. Any ties will split the reward with a fractional miner. Using the STEMGeeks front end will double your promotion rank for this contest. If you promote a post with 5 STEM, it will count as 10 STEM in regards to choosing a winner for this contest (promotion is unaffected).

Make sure you are using STEM and not Hive to send to @null

How to check current promotions

You can visit the null wallet to see how much others have used to promote a post. While promotion is additive, meaning you can send multiple transactions to improve your ranking, for this competition only the first promotion for a particular post will count.

All promoted posts are eligible for curation from official curator accounts.

Good luck!

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This should be interesting. I have used the post-promotion service earlier and now the reward associated with it will be very nice.. Thanks for running this contest and the promotion. cheers

 last month 

Will be interesting to see how everyone goes about it.

 last month 

Set an alarm for 5 to midnight? :)

All my STEM is staked, along with all my other HIVE tokens. I will have to hold off on reinvesting tomorrow and get me some STEM to use to promote a post.

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This is interesting and this way of promotion reward is impressive.

Hope more people get into the habit of promoting post because of this :) It is worth it .

I personally promote most of my posts.

This is amazing way to permote your best posts
Thanks @stemgeeks for this amazing idea.