Less than two hours to hop in on the Mining Bonus Week

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As we announced yesterday we are increasing mining rewards for STEM Miners by up to 644% for the next 7 days starting at 10 AM EST today.

You don't need to do anything but have STEMM tokens staked on your account to participate. Every hour for the next 7 days we will run a drawing for a random user to win up to 600 STEM tokens in addition to the typical 0.9312 STEM mining reward.

The more STEM Miners you have staked, the better chance you will win that round.

The competition is relatively low on STEM compared to other tribes.

TribeMining Pool %Staked Miners

So even having a few miners gives you a decent chance at winning. All staked miners (1 or higher) will be eligible to win one of the hourly rounds. You are able to win multiple times in this event.

The normal Scot Bot protocol chooses 30 individual miners to split the current mining reward pool every hour. If you own more than one miner, it is possible to receive more than one reward for that drawing. For STEM the total mining pool typically is 27.936 STEM so each winning miner receives 0.9312 STEM each hour. This promotion provides rewards in addition to these protocols.

Check out Hive Engine to buy and stake STEM Miners.

This event will run at least until October 1st 10 AM EST.

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