Large STEM Miner Burn

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As you might have heard, we are running a promotional bonus mining week where every miner can potentially earn a 644% larger miner reward for the hour. You can read more about it in the announcement post.

In addition to this, we issued 1.8M STEM Miners out of the total 2.0M STEM Miners and just burned them.

You can see the transaction here:

This leaves a total of 200K miners available. We have no plans on issuing that many miners, in fact we barely have 5,000 miners issued at this point and only half of that are staked.

After the Bonus Mining Week we will be announce another adjustment.

As of right now, there have been some big bonuses handed out. Typical mining rewards for STEM Miner are up to 0.9312 STEM for 30 Miners an hour.

Winner Chosen: baneenabear for 94 STEM Tokens
Winner Chosen: brofund for 152 STEM Tokens
Winner Chosen: fragmentarion for 71 STEM Tokens
Winner Chosen: z8teyb289qav9z for 81 STEM Tokens
Winner Chosen: inertia for 83 STEM Tokens
Winner Chosen: flipstar for 110 STEM Tokens
Winner Chosen: z8teyb289qav9z for 84 STEM Tokens
Winner Chosen: ngc for 71 STEM Tokens
Winner Chosen: fragmentarion for 120 STEM Tokens
Winner Chosen: baneenabear for 60 STEM Tokens

Will you be next?

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I dont know why you did that. There's not enough liquidity as it is, nobody's selling them except for the wall at 20 for which you would need to buy hundreds just to have a decent chance of "mining" anything because someone already stakes over a thousand of the 2389.

 26 days ago 

I am reducing supply.

There is no difference between someone owning over 1,000 and 30 people owning a thousand from the perspective of any other user. STEM Miners have very few staked compared to other tribes.