Just burned over 6 weeks of STEM token inflation for STEMGeeks

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78,400 STEM burned (9798 Hive)

This reduces the sell wall STEM to 708,000 STEM from the initial 2,500,000.

Currently there are just over 2M circulating STEM tokens with 78.23% staked. These numbers do not include the 1M staked on the @nostem4u anti-abuse account and the 708,000 on the sell wall. The weekly inflation is 12,550 STEM tokens, far less than other tribes.

The 1M STEM on @nostem4u will never be sold and will be burned when it is no longer needed.

In fact, this may happen soon as some changes made it less necessary. Curators have been doing a good job of rewarding good posts and pushing down low effort and spam posts, but anything that needs more than that can be muted on a post by post basis, and at the account level if so needed. This mostly eliminates the need for the @nostem4u account and will likely be phased out.

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Now we have to break that massive

4k+ Hive wall . I will buy as soon as possible .

That's amazing to see the token burn further enhancing the STEM token economics. Off lately I have been building my STEM token portfolio and have been buying the token at the current dips.

Yeah noticed am doing the same