Important Change to STEMGeeks being considered

in LeoFinancelast month (edited)

I have been giving this change some thought for a while now, and I think it is something that would be in the best interest for the STEMGeeks community.

Currently you can post on STEMGeeks or you can use tags from Hive and they will be picked up and rewarded with STEM tokens. There is currently no advantage to either option.

I am proposing going forward all posts made from will be unaffected, posts using any other from end will earn reduced rewards. How much is undecided, but would be in the range of 10% - 50%.

This would greatly reduce rewards for authors who just use tags that get picked up by STEMGeeks. I believe this change will reward those who are closer to the community and not just adding one of our tags to get additional rewards.

The rewards change would only affect authors, curators would be unaffected by this change.

I also need to decide where these tokens should go. I have two options I am considering, burn them directly to @null or put them into a community fund that is used to reward users. The STEMGeeks team already has a significantly sized Bounty fund that is used for promotion, prizes, and hiring help.

STEMGeeks already has low inflation and smaller supply than other tribes.

I have a few decisions I have to make and I welcome your opinion on this change.

  • Should we make this change?
  • What percentage 10% - 50%?
  • Where should those rewards go, null or community fund?

Please give me your feedback what you think of this change and what parameters would be best in your opinion.