How much curators are making on STEMGeeks is going to blow your mind!

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We recently made a change that reduces author rewards for posts that are not created on the site. The idea was to encourage users to use the official front end and reduce the rewards earned by those just adding the tag to their post to gain additional rewards.

It appears to be working really well, I am currently seeing around 500+ STEM tokens being reserved for burning daily since the change. As the weekly reward pool on STEMGeeks is roughly 12,550 Tokens/week. We are burning roughly 31% of the tokens a week. STEMGeeks weekly inflation is less than half other tribes. A lot of tokens are being taken out of the supply.

While a large amount of tokens being systematically burned is a good thing for the tribe, I would like to see more STEM authors getting good rewards. There is very little competition on STEMGeeks, STEM is not nearly as popular topic as crypto.

I am looking at ways to introduce STEMGeeks to universities and schools to see if we can greatly increase our userbase. These users will most likely be using the STEMGeeks front end and receiving full author rewards for their contributions.

This is a great time to contribute content to STEMGeeks as the few that are right now are earning the bulk of the tokens.

Curators are making full curation rewards regardless if a post is made on our front end or not.

In fact, look at the curation rewards users are making curating on STEMGeeks. It actually blew my mind, but it makes perfect sense. There are not a lot of authors producing STEM content, so the ones that are get rewarded well.

AccountSTEM Power7-Day Average CurationAPR

These are the most popular curator accounts on STEMGeeks that mostly dedicate their voting to STEMGeeks. Due to the lack of lots of STEM content, their voting isn't entirely efficient but the rewards are great because there just isn't a lot of competition.

Where are you on this list?

STEM is 80% proof of brain and 20% mining with an inflation of only 7.52%.

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I am glad to see another community starting to do well on the block chain, I hope the growth continues and that the community continues to grow. While not a daily reader or viewer of the community, I do enjoy a lot of the raspberry-pi post lately and the programming post I run across on Hive. (just a curious viewer, not a programmer by anyone's stretch of imagination).

Nice :)

This account is mostly manual votes. And as there isn't so much content I can give it a scan each day on the native interface.

Okay finally moved my STEM around and now have it in an account to manually curate Stemgeeks each day.

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I am looking at ways to introduce STEMGeeks to universities and schools to see if we can greatly increase our userbase.

I think, schools will be the most suitable place from where you can get users who will be easy to retain in a long term.

I thought I saw a small uptick in my rewards for my meager Stem stake. I have been trying to diversify my content so I hope to maybe post something there soon. In the mean time I will look to curating some more Stem authors.

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Will I be a Stem whale if I invest a hefty sum of $20 into the token? Asking for a friend

Not likely.

 5 months ago 

At current prices, no.

$20 is less than 1700 STEM. If you go $50 right now, maybe.

Yeah I used Leo to see the rich list. STEM looks like an exciting project.

It would be interesting if STEM offer a service that enables academic publications like research gate and other similar publishing houses.

Hey. Why can't I get the coins my miner brings me? They are pending payment, but they do not end up in my wallet.

That should not happen, but I am talking to the ScotBot dev on how Mute affects them. I unmuted you and I saw something was issued.

In my opinion, muting should not affect mining rewards but looks like it may keep them pending.

Thank you, I know that you are a decent person, but your team sometimes behaves too harshly and inadequately. Some things can be perceived with a smile, jokes and mathematics are compatible, mathematics should not make people ... stale crackers. Thanks again.

I see that I am blocked, internet, what's the problem? Is it because I asked permission to publish my contests using your tag? So I never used it. All this is very strange. Apparently, I need to write about it.

I don't remember why you were blocked and I think it was a while ago, but it certainly was not for asking for permission or even doing a contest.

When I asked permission, they immediately blocked me on Discord, they did not like my opinion and my view of mathematics in general. I tried to make it clear that mathematics has more applications than they think, without getting personal. But, right there, I was thrown from the server. This, somehow, is not solid for adults. Find my violations and I agree with this blocking.

I remember the conversation now (didn't when I first saw your comments).

You wanted to do a photography contest and tag it as math. I said it wasn't remotely related to STEM, and then you went on and on about how a photograph was made up of mathematic calculations and knowledge of geometry.

That is like me saying playing video goes is related to LEO as I spent money buying the game.

You continued to go on and on despite multiple people telling you it was not related to STEM. At that point I kicked you from Discord. I honestly can't remember if I muted you on STEMGeeks at that point, it is possible if I felt you were not keeping on topic. I looked at your account and the last post that was on STEMGeeks was 7 months ago.

I was in a good mood and I was just ... joking, why react so sharply to jokes?
I accepted your refusal, long before I was kicked out of the server, but I like to philosophize on the topic of mathematics))

It did not seem like a joke, it seemed like you legitimately wanted to shoehorn photographs as mathematics.

It is not always possible to convey emotions in words. Plus, giving up on an idea doesn't mean you shouldn't take every chance lol. Somewhere, deep in my soul, I agreed. True, I did not know that on Discord, you need to be extremely local, I'll take that into account)) I have not been here for the first day, and I treat many of you as family people whom I see every day and with whom you can talk on any topic. Unfortunately, this is only a superficial impression. Unfortunately.
But, mind you, I came to you asking permission, before than, to do something. This is very much appreciated in a normal society.

Don't act like thieves.

Wow, I forgot all about my STEM holdings until I signed into Hive- Engine today ... nice surprise .... up 73%

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