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I was looking at the web traffic of our front end and noticed some curious things.

The active daily users is actually doing quite well with 1,340 minimum unique users a day. Very happy with the improvements to traffic. STEMGeeks remains to be a small niche in the Hive community and I think a portion of that is because many thing it is limited to professor level content and discussions. This is far from the truth, in fact I encourage hobbyists and amateurs to come post on STEMGeeks and share your thoughts about anything in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math fields, regardless of how experienced you are.

What I did find strange is when I looked at the traffic by geographic area.

There are only a few areas in the world where the traffic originates from.

Most of the users come from France, with UK being pretty distant second. United States doesn't even make third place.

As I use CloudFlare, a large portion of my traffic is cached, minimizing the impact on my server. Unfortunately due to how dynamic the Hive blockchain is, most of it is unable to be cached efficiently without a lot of work and reduced user experience.

If you zoom out to 30 days though, almost 45% of all traffic is cached. Not as much as I would like, but certainly welcomed.

Don't forget, 50% of author rewards are burned if you do not use to post STEM content.

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I suspect that only people in the English Speaking world associate the acronym STEM with science.

The Acronym is also quite new. The Wikipedia Article says the acronym was first used in the 1990s. Even then it was for regional education programs.

It was not used on a national scale until 2001 and only recently started being used outside of academia.

Don't forget, 50% of author rewards are burned if you do not use to post STEM content. Posted Using LeoFinance

I think you forgot.

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I think you forgot.

Not at all, we just don't earn STEM, all our author and curation rewards are burned.

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Who are these secret French people and why have we not seen them around?

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I have no idea but I was pretty surprised. Potentially VPNs.

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I wonder if it's the Nigerians since their gov had some crackdown on the internet.

Good to see these interesting stats of stemgeeks. I did not know that stemgeeks has 1,340 minimum unique users a day and this is quite a good number. I expect to grow it further.

Oh, cool. I didn't know STEMGeeks had a net.

Thats pretty interesting France came in first for traffic. And yes I think we should encourage people to post more hobby level STEM related content.

And that 50% rewards point of using the frontend is crucial for people to remember. But when people forget and use peakd or whatever it just benefits the STEM stakeholders.

Can you divide the UK into countries? I wonder if I am the only visitor from Scotland?

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Looks like you have three friends from Scotland.

Ooo, awesome. I thought I was alone!!

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