DCity Science Convention now has a chance to win a STEM Miner (20 Hive)

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If you play dCity, Science Convention is the most effective event as it increases your chance to win valuable technologies and scientists.

Starting a Science Convention in your city increases your education by 40-120 points and gives you a 20% chance to win scientist(s) up to 12 times.

Effective immediately, you now have a chance to win a STEM Miner which when staked allows you to mine STEM passively. These STEM Miners typically go for 20 Hive on Hive Engine, you have a chance to win one for free every time you start a Science Convention in your city.

To start an event in your city just go to Events

Then click on Science Convention

You will then see the dialog for the Science Convention

Once a day we will give every user who started a Science Convention in the last 24 hours an equal chance to win a STEM Miner. You will need to stake the Stem Miner to begin passively mining STEM tokens.

As of right now, we plan on running this promotion indefinitely but this may change in the future.

The distribution of STEM Miners is very limited and 99% have been burned out of the gate.

If you have any questions, hit us up in Discord.

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I think Science Convention stem quantity will be reduce soon. Then this will be cool

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At the current price, 100 STEM will cost around 17+HIVE. What is the probability to get the STEM MINER? Spending another 3 HIVE would get me the STEM Miner from the market.

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The odds vary based on the price paid for the Science Convention. I know Gerber is going to reduce the price of the Science Convention due to STEM token climbing so much recently.

The Science Convention is the most effective event as it significantly increases your chances to win valuable technologies and scientists that also increase your technology chances and now you can win a 20 Hive miner.

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This is awesome! Count me in for buying one today!

Yet another reason to start playing dCITY. Glad I got in months ago, come on in the water's fine! :)

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sadly my education is already at 100% so running this does not make any sense and just doing it for a chance on a stem miner would just be very unprofitable

Once you max your education it doesn't have the same benefit (Except maybe selling scientists).
A lot of larger cities have smaller ones to offload some of the surplus when balancing.

I know the price for the Science Convention is going down in the near future if the price of STEM stays where it is or goes up more.

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 10 months ago 

Time to do more science conventions in a day or two.