DCity reduced Science Convention costs by 50% and you can still win a free STEM Miner (20 Hive)

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DCity just reduced the cost of the Science Convention event by 50% in a recent update. A couple of days ago we announced you can win a free STEM Miner every time you start a Science Convention in DCity.

We will continue to run this promotion even with the reduced price of the event.

As you know Education in DCity is important as it increases your chances of winning valuable technology. I'd even go so far to say it is the most valuable event in the game as long as you haven't maxed out your Education to 1,000 already. You have a chance to win around 2.5 Scientist(s) on average per event.

Your chance of winning a STEM Miner is rolled once a day and does not happen immediately upon starting the event. It currently runs once daily and gives everyone who starts the event an equal chance of winning a miner valued at 20 Hive.

You do need to stake the miner if you want to earn STEM tokens passively. Due to the low supply of STEM Miners, it currently has the quickest break-even period compared to other miners.


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Education in DCity is important

Its important every where - good that stemgeeks is collaborating with dcity for this. I think, the true value of stemgeeks lies in bringing people from Education backgrounds only - schools / colleges.

Just checked it out. this is awesome news! I'm still conflicted about HODL vs spending. We'll see......


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something that is beneficial for both tokens! awesome move

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Oh wow, this is really awesome. I don't think I am quite to the level that I can take advantage of this yet, but I look forward to getting there some day. I just started working on the last tier 1 tech this morning.

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Picked this up twice so far but no luck on miners been having to buy them off the market so far.

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