Additional 10,000 STEM Miners Burned

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In the past we burned 1.9M out of 2.0M STEM Miners. When we created them, we were not sure the exact economics and wanted to leave some wiggle room. When we realized we were not going to have many miners on the market, we drastically reduced the max supply available.


Today we burned another 10,000 STEM Miners, reducing the remaining STEM Miners by over 10%.

There are currently 5,977.65 STEM Miners circulating with 5,792.53 of them staked. With 96.90% staked, there are not many STEM Miners on the market.


With a considerable portion of the liquid STEM inflation burned, there is not much STEM created outside of STEM Miners. The total inflation is around 6.6% before burns and 80% of that is the reward pool and 20% of that is the mining pool.

The STEMGeeks team does not stake any STEM Miners and never will. We also burn author rewards, liquid curation rewards, as well as STEM tokens used in games and front end author burns.

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 3 months ago 

Oh boy. That really slim things down.

I assure you that we'll see epic fights for those remaining miners.

Definitely, it should be the case. Looking at the over token economics for STEM token its the best that we have here on HIVE second layer tokens. I proposed an idea as well, to take the revenue from the weekly curation rewards to buy the STEMM miners from the market and burn them as well. Cheers

Aggred, I think Stemgeeks is better than Leofinance

I want all of them :)

Me too, I have 100 STEM miners and all staked.. Getting nice return ATM. cheers

I got 200+ stemm and loaded up on stem too :).

That's really a good chunk of STEMM miners in your kitty. We are definitely going to see a big fight coming or rather a demand coming in near future for STEMM miners... STEM and STEMM to the moon. cheers

I had that feeling of burning the STEM miners and finally get this news of - 10,000 STEM Miners Burned. I am lucky to 100 STEM miners and all of them staked. cheers