STEMGeeks burn report

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STEMGeeks has burned all the author rewards on @steemgeeks and curation rewards on @stemcuration.

There are 16,128 STEM tokens created for the reward pool weekly.

@stemgeeks author rewards - 125.607 STEM
@stemcuration curation rewards - 39.550 STEM
misc burned rewards - 0 STEM
STEM burned for promotion - 31 Stem

Total Burned: 196.157 STEM (1.2% of weekly reward pool)

Promote your posts by burning STEM to @null

Send STEM tokens to null with a STEM post in the memo. This will push your post above all others as a promoted post. It takes very little STEM to do this and be placed at the top as there is little competition for this feature right now.

By using STEM for promotion you reduce the STEM token supply increasing the potential value of the token.

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I'll give this a try but what is the minimum amount of STEM required for post promotion?

 14 days ago 

Any amount works.

Thank you 👍

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