100,000 STEM Miners burned


Previously, we issued 1.8M STEM Miners out of the total 2.0M STEM Miners and just burned them. We just issued another 100,000 STEM Miners and burned them as well.

You can see the transaction here:

This leaves a total of 100K miners available. We have no plans on issuing that many miners, in fact we barely have 5,000 miners issued at this point and only half of that are staked.

No more than 100,000 STEM Miners can exist at this point, and only 5,236 are issued.

You can check them out on Hive Engine. Out of the 2M max supply, 1.9M are burned.

I will be further reducing supply in the future, and eventually ending the sale of STEM Miners. As of right now, there are 50 on the market.

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