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RE: Moving from Windows to Linux

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I have to use Windows for work, but dumped it at home many years ago as I hated how it tried to limit what I could do. I have a Win10 partition, but very rarely use it. I've used flavours of Ubuntu for most of this time. I seem to prefer KDE and so used Kubuntu for a while, but now on Ubuntu Studio that has used KDE for the last few versions.

I'm not a gamer, so that aspect is fairly irrelevant to me. I do scan a fair few docs on an old HP 3in1, but that has no document feeder. I do tend to avoid Snaps. Chrome from a Snap was really slow to load and I was limited on what files I could access from it. I installed Brave and it mostly works, but recently I get times where it slows the PC to a standstill. I had that before and am not sure what I can do about it as I can't even run something to check on what is using all the resources.

I spend a lot of time in the browser with LibreOffice for docs, Thunderbird for some email and various apps for recording. I do have some issues around recording video, but can edit with Kdenlive.

Photoshop is often quoted as a reason for not using Linux, but my image editing needs are basic.

I hope Linux works well for you.


Is your Brave install the deb version or the snap? Have tried the flatpak version? Is it any difference. I've used all 3 and ended up getting rid of the flatpak and snap versions. I just avoid all snaps now.
But the fastest one I've found is the deb version. I just added their repo to my sources list and install right from Brave. It's always up to date and dont have to wait on whoever is packaging for the snap & flatpak versions.

It's from the deb. I need to try and find out if my issue is a known problem and if there's a fix.

Thats weird. I've havent heard of brave slowing down. Do you use a lot of extensions or have an IPFS node running in it? Maybe have Tor turned on inside it? Those can really slow it down especially on launch.
Either way I wish you luck on figuring it out!

I've disabled some extensions, some of which I didn't even need, and it has been fine since then. I'll see what happens if I enable them one at a time.

I don't have Tor or IPFS, but maybe it's another of the extensions. I'll try turning some off. It happens at random, so hard to confirm the problem.