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RE: Should I Buy an Oculus Quest 2? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

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I would not want to give money to Facebook, but then some consider all big companies 'evil'. I do plan to be at Hivefest, but I don't have another use for a VR headset, so 2D will have to do. I'm not sure my PC is up to driving one anyway. It did work in 2D when I tried it. I expect we will see a few reviews of headsets from people who do buy them.


I do kind of want one, but it would be completely irrational to buy one from an economic point of view!

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I like that you analyse it so deeply. I have not used VR much. I did have a play on an HTC (I think) system work were using to model production set-ups and I have the Google Cardboard thing you can put your phone in. The latter is actually quite good, but I don't use it much.

I've never heard of the Google cardboard thing?!?

I think what I need to do this week is start searching for some land, that should put me off any need for VR headsets!

I do quite fancy one though!

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I dread to think what they'd do to your eyes!

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