Non Internet based UPI Service in India.

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The greatest gift of Covid-19 is that it teaches many people to become digital savvy. The most important being it taught people to learn the digital mode of payment system. The Unified Payment Interface is one such system that allow users to transfer money instantly. Commonly known as UPI allows transfer of money from one bank account to another. It is an instant and quick mode of money transfer through user friendly smart phone.

It is the result of UPI that many social media platform like Facebook, whattsapp comes up with their own gateway to make payment service easier.

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The Internet plays a key role in making this payment very effective and secure. However many are quite unaware that instead of solely depending upon Internet for money transfer, UPI is also available for non internet based mobile phone as well.

The option of UPI payment services are available through dialing mode which is known as USSD.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) protocol that is used to send text messages.

By dialing 99# users can easily manage the money transfer and other banking related activity. The key service offered under this option are sending and receiving account to account fund transfer, Balance enquiry. UPI pin setting and host of other activities.

To available this benefit, firstly you must own a bank account in any of the nationalized bank. Also having your mobile number registered with the bank is important prerequisite to avail the UPI mode of money transfer.


The main advantages of using this services is that users are not suppose to depend on internet availability. Also the services can be availed round the clock. However a nominal fees will be charged by the telecom service provider for their rendered services.

How to Operate

  • Dial *99# from the registered mobile number.
  • Select the Bank Account.
  • Enter last 6 digit of Debit card number
  • Confirm the validity of card.
  • Input the Debit CardPin

You are ready to operate the non internet based UPI payment transfer. You need to follow the step by step options and make the life easy.

The service is currently introduced in India by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) and the basic mobile phone holders are finding the method quite easy.

I belive still a large portion of indian population depends upon basic phone and this system will prove boon to them. Only thing require is to educate them to avail this services instead of depending upon physical currency.


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Although I do have internet service most of the time, but it's a good piece of information. I wasn't aware of this, thanks for sharing. I believe this will do a great benefit to the rural sector of India.

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Indeed it will act as boon to many users....only thing is to make it popular and imparting the usage to the rural India....anyhow what I saw in my village many have smart phone and they know how to use upi through internet.

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