#AskLeo - Shifting to IOS , How will it impact ?

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I have been an android user since long. I belive since the day I started to use smart phone, I only used android based application and now I am kind of habitual and adapted to Android technology. The phone is available at cheaper rate, works better, faster and very user friendly. I am aware to each and every setting.


IOS (iPhone operating system) technology on the other hand, comes up with a higher price brand and only available to Apple user. It works in a closed eco system and both hardware and software were made by the Apple Inc for its users. This gives IOS technology and edge over Android OS technology. Android OS is an open source software. It comes into limelight that Android technology are more vulnersble to spamware and malware attacks.

I have seen likes and dislikes for both technology. I once heard, IOS is hard to use and not easy for android user to switch and adapt. While many belive that IOS is more friendlier than Android OS. Apple IOS comes up with great camera, great features, sleek design but at a higher price band. It as a luxury phone, and not like any other Android phone.

We have seen, that there are many mobile companies enters into the market and making own mobile phone with the use Android based technology, however there are none for IOS. After using Android OS for long, now I am planning to switch to IOS, I mean planning to buy an Apple phone. Now a days, these phone are easily available at discounted price. I am worried as how to adapt to new technology and what more challenges comes in its usage.

How the sudden switch from Android to IOS will impact me?

Help me in making a good choice. Any contribution to own luxury item will be highly appreciated.


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I had been a long time android user too, my friend. But when I shifted IOS, I never regret it. Its functions are actually a reverse of android that is why some people are telling that it is hard to use. Although I am on IOS, still I have an android with me as back up phone for my extra sim. All I could say is IOS is so fun to use most especially when it comes to the camera.

no, idea never used IOS yet 😜

If not for their cameras I would never even think of using one. I have never used one though... Android guy from the start.



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