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RE: Time to Buy a Second Laptop!

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Who puts a Power button above Backspace and "="/"+" and next to Delete? Obviously, someone who doesn't use that keyboard.

😅 100%!

What happens if you press this TrackPoint by mistake while you type? Is it possible to move the cursor to a different location or potentially delete something you have written as you continue to type if a paragraph is selected when you touch the TrackPoint?

I thought newer laptops didn't have this button anymore...

I think almost all laptops fit your needs now (well, most of them). The rest is a matter of taste. The keyboard will have to touch and feel. There is no other way.

Good luck in your future purchase!



The keyboard will have to touch and feel.

I was thinking about that too. Maybe I should go to a nearby physical retailer to check them out.

That's what I did, by the way! 😜

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