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RE: STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential

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Upvoted for grabbing some curation rewards, but I don´t agree content-wise.
Your points are in principle very true (small, focused, loyal community and censorship is indeed a problem in science as well), but the tribe is too focused and narrow-minded. Being a scientist by education I was contributing by myself regularly to it, but was once flagged and even blacklisted for writing a lengthy overview post (here) on a specific topic. Also they are very strict in using pics and quotations - if you don´t quote well enough (what kind of CC-licencse, etc) they kick you out. Since then I post only with #science and avoid the #stem tag. Maybe I went a bit personal, but apparently they purposefully decide to be rather small and "elite" than lower their standards and opening up to a wider group. Unless they change their habit, this tribe will stay the niche of a niche.


It sucks that happened and certainly the behavior of some can ruin a community very quickly, especially when it is small.

Your experience seems to go counter to what they need, without a doubt. Obviously, I cant speak to your situation nor doubt your claims, but was it one person or the community. Unfortunately, with moderators, one bad power driven apple can cause a lot of damage.

Thanks for the upvote and comment while sharing your experience.

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See my direct response above, he was flagged and blacklisted by StemSocial, not STEMGeeks. We are not the same community and have very different rules.

As long as you are on topics, all skill levels are welcome from hobbyist to professional.

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You were never flagged or blacklisted by STEMGeeks. We are not STEMSocial (used to be SteemStem), they do things very differently. That is a big reason why I built STEMGeeks. It is far more casual and amateur friendly. We are a very different community and are the only STEM Tribe.

The post you reference would be more than welcomed in STEMGeeks.

I hate seeing this, as many people feel the same way but they are talking about STEMSocial (used to be SteemSTEM), STEMGeeks has no affiliation with them, and we have our own project that was built to include more people and not have the demands for journalist/scientist level publications.

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Thanks for pointing this out, I was not aware. But who owns then the #stem tag? The Steemstem people warned me if I ever dare to use the #stem tag again. Shall I use #stemgeeks instead to land in the Stemgeeks frontend listed or do I need to write inside this frontend (which I avoid as its editor is inferior to the one of peakd)?

And both tribes use the same token?

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But who owns then the #stem tag?

No one owns any tag.

STEMGeeks listens to #stem, #science, #technology, #engineering, #math, and the meta tag #stemgeeks and index them into the tribe but no one owns any of those tags, not even STEMGeeks.

And both tribes use the same token?

I don't believe they have a token.

STEMGeeks is the only distribution for STEM token. I believe StemSocial is a community but not a tribe.

OK, many thanks!