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RE: Blockchain Gaming: It's time to confuse machine learning.

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The more I learn about Ragnarok, the more sceptic I get. Because by making it so costly to lose, how you can attract masses of users? And if not masses join, how can then be the price pool so big? I really hope this all works out as planned, but I see a huge risk by creating such entry barriers for playing. A bigger risk than bots playing it.


It's specifically designed for there only to be like 2000 hardcore players. It's not meant for mass adoption in any way, except that it will hopefully be a spectator sport that people place bets on (like real professional sports).

how can then be the price pool so big?

All of the rewards are consolidated into a once-a-year tournament.

Also in the beginning of the game XP tokens will be worth a massive amount. Simply playing the game will easily more than pay for the HBD cost to play the game. But you'll have to sell XP tokens to cover the cost. Many will opt to hold their XP tokens to power up cards... or in many cases even buy more on top of what they are farming.

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Wow, nice. There are so many decisions to make to be successful on the game.

I'm excited to see how people would place bets and the odds players would have