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It is no news that amazon has released a smart home robot called Astro which can perform simple home tasks, like security and monitoring. This robot was launched late last year, for an initial price of $999 for early customers and later for $1500.


Photo Credit: Amazon

Now, my thought is; is this robot really worth the price of $1500? Before we can determine this, let us look into the features of the robot. What it can do, the pros and cons with my personal thoughts on this robot.

First, there are two kinds of robots which is based on their purpose and functions. These robots are made to perform task either for general purpose or for a specific purpose. Specific purpose are common robots that does specific task. i.e you have your home camera which is for taking video records of activities in your house, we have your speakers, and all other robots you might think of.

While General purpose are what we call the next generation robots which can perform multiple task. it can monitor your home, take on errands, and do a lot of multiple features.

So where is Amazon Alexa robot Categorized? AND WHAT ARE ITS FEATURES?

I categorize this robot as a general purpose robot because it performs a lot of features and one of them include performing the function of a camera in your house. You can monitor what goes on in your house while you aren't at home.

Photo Credit: Amazon

The Astro bot has the ability to move around the home and take video records of activities in your home. One of the most interesting things about this robot is it has a Sound Detection sensor that detect sounds i.e. Fire Alarm, Smoke Alarm, and even the sound of a broken glass. Isn't that cool?

I almost forgot to say, you can set boundary restrictions for Astro. For instance, you may have a particular room you don't want Astro to get into. This is where the boundary restriction feature comes to play.

It is not only restricted to being able to take video records but also, has facial recognition features. You can simple introduce your family to the robot and it would store their identity. So it would be easy to send a message or info to any of your family member that is maybe in the other room or just far away from you.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Asides that, it has a small carriage where you can send beverage to a family member that is not close by with the help of facial recognition.

Also if you are not home, or maybe at work and not sure of the safety of your kids or let's say bothered on how your kids or elderly one would handle themselves on their own, these can be handled with a LIVE VIEW feature where from your phone you can communicate with those at home or check out what is happening in the house.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Another feature which you may find interesting is that the bot has sensors which AMAZON calls SLAM, i.e simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in simple terms, it helps the bot know its location, it is just a simple mapping system it makes at your house to make sure it can navigate easily in your home. Moreover, it contains sensors to sense if there are obstruction across it's way. In fact, it recognizes changes in position of items in your home.


Asides from most of all these security features being performed by Astro, there are also much more cooler stuffs you can do with Astro and one of them is receiving notifications and calls from Astro. Astro can notify you of a message you receive or an incoming call.

It is not also limited to that, you can also receive video calls with Astro. So it is very easy for you to be chatting with friends and relative while you are cooking in the kitchen or doing something that requires your two hands.

There are other features like playing of music, and even asking questions or making searches. For instance you might not know how to make noodles, you can simple ask Astro to show you a video on how to make noodles.


  • Detection: Recognizes faces, sounds, and alarms
  • Live View: Check up on on things, and video calls
  • Security: Monitoring your home activity when not around and keeping an eye on family members
  • Watch shows, play music, notifications and answer questions While Astro follows you around
  • Setting Boundaries for Astro in places it can go into
  • Detect obstacles and also the SLAM feature that help Astro Maps itself around the home.


As you have seen most of the exciting features of Astro, there are some things we need to look into as well. From my research and look into things, many people do not really feel comfortable with this bot as they see it as a way in which Amazon is trying to get camera into our homes and maybe monitor our activities. Now tell me, are you interested in letting that happen in your home and letting your home activity being monitored?

Asides that, the Astro bot is on freaking wheels that means it can not go through high places and most likely climb through stairs. I know many people today leave in homes that maybe two or even three storey buildings. This is a disadvantage to them if they want to consider getting Astro into their homes.

Report shows that this robot is fragile as well. Just imagine your little child recklessly throwing an heavy item on Astro. That's practically the end of your $1500 I must say.


It is great seeing such renovation in this century. Astro is doing a lot of things and would be useful for so many homes though it has some barriers or should I say limit. It doesn't have hands where you can send it to pick something up the table for you or sending it to pick up your phone while you are faraway.

The fact that it is on wheels too is a very big disadvantage to many people. Do Amazon mean that those with two or more storey buildings would need more than one Astroy bot in their homes? Just imagine getting two of that; that's freaking $3000. The best alternative to enjoying most of these features Astro does is getting a Specific purpose Robot that would help you monitor, call or do whatever you want to do for a lesser price.

Also I am not totally sure about the fact that your home video footage would be shared with Amazon, but I think there can be a possibility because of how the world is today. We don't really know what is going on underneath.

So here comes the question, Does it worth it getting the $1500 Amazon Smart Home Robot, or you prefer to just take a pass to it? Feel free to share your thoughts, I would be curating the comment section.

Before you make your comments, watch this video by Amazon showing some of Astro's home features.




Starstrings01 AKA Giftedhands is a Hive lover, a Nigeria musician (Guitarist) and also a student who studies Mechatronics Engineering in the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

His goal on Hive is to be more than a regular blogger but something more; someone with a purpose. That’s one of the reasons why he founded the newbies initiative @newbies-hive to help guide and support newbies. Kindly click here to follow @newbies-hive curation trail.

He battles and struggles with balancing education and being active on the chain but yet his love and passion for Hive keeps him on balance.

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I'm confused already. This article actually changed my opinion on this bot. Before, I would out rightly rule out the need for this bot. However, now it feels like a blessing from Amazon.

Thanks for sharing and explaining this wonderful piece.

Seriously, you thought it was of no need but your mind changed.

Which feature did you find of interest the most.

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It seems nice but I don't exactly trust Amazon with all that information. I wouldn't be surprised if they are recording and saving all the data in their own warehouse servers. So I guess it comes down to whether or not you have the money for it and whether or not you are comfortable with all the surveillance.

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Yeah exactly.. that's the point. The money and also being comfortable with the surveillance.. funny enough, I don't have the two 😅😂 but it would be something I would love to learn to build.

I wonder what kind of course I need to study to learn this. Do you know?

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Well it would take a lot of work to get that machine by yourself. You need to be able to build the AI (computer science) and you also have to get the machine working (electrical/mechanical engineering).

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That means that I am on the right path. I am studying mechatronics engineering but my school is a little bit focused on drones.

Also, I am already taking an online course in cloud engineering. Though it's not related.

This tech stuff is my passion, and I have to work towards it.

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I think drones itself is part of the way there. In a way, those auto-pilot drones are controlling it without user input and it's similar. Then the parts a drone can have such as cameras and sound is similar to the extra stuff on the machines. So there are a decent amount of similarities and I think it's possible to move from drones to the astro.

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At first, the question that came to my mind was, would it turn off the light if I tell it to?
Would it close the curtains if I tell it to?
Would it prepare a means for me when I want it to?
If it will, then it's worth it.
However, the advantages of the hot are nice and I would sincerely love to have it I'm my home, when I'm not at home, the robot keeps me updated with all that is going on, it's cool. With what the robot can do, I feel it's worth the price but the price is way too high.
That's my opinion though.

It has very good pros but I still don't feel like I will need it.

All those things might already be installed in your home so what would be the point of it and for that price, nahhh.

Rich guys might see it useful. They might want something unique and fancy. So they might want to give it a try to know the feel.

Sincerely, if I have the money. I don't really mind.

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Even with the money, I don't see the use in Nigeria 😆

Nice post @starstrings01. In my opinion I think it actually worth it based on it abilities and capabilities.

So, you can get it if you have the money or being given $1500 at this instance?

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Yeah, if I have the money and as long as I don't have or encounter any financial consequences from buying it.

i won't buy it 1st i don't have money and 2nd I don't trust Amazon will keep my privacy

To me, @starstrings01, its a good idea to have one in a home. The data privacy issue is not really an issue, first thing just before a product us bought, the data privacy info is read and digested to be able to capture the full detail. Although, I know they will write that they wont be privy of your data but incase you note anything contrary they can be sued.
Next time, I think you should make research on the data privacy and add to your write up.

Tech-wise it's actually pretty cool. I think that's what we will evolve into.

The problem is privacy. I sure as hell don't want any Amazon devices collecting all my data.

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So here comes the question, Does it worth it getting the $1500 Amazon Smart Home Robot, or you prefer to just take a pass to it? Feel free to share your thoughts, I would be curating the comment section.

Well it sure does worth it, but the only disadvantage that caught me is the One of fragility and the upstairs restrictions due to its wheels...
But it's worth it getting the $1500 Amazon smart home robot...

My mostly concern will be the issue of privacy, aside that it is a cool robot and if i can comfortably afford i wont mind.

Wow, l should get one of these robots. Do you think you would ever be bored with it?

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