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RE: Exchange Review: Converting HIVE Using Swapspace For the First Time.

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Can you not use CoinbasePro for the fiat outlet. Not HIVE directly, but after some conversions on Bittrex?


Unfortunately I'm in NY state and due to the BitLicense, Bittrex will not deal with NY customers. Bittrex was how I used to cash out before the BitLicense.

The irony is the BitLicense is supposed to protect me, but instead I find myself on shady exchanges that seem much more riskier than anything I would have used before the mandatory license!

Damn, you can't trade crypto or visit abandoned buildings without being killed. They are making it tough for you over there. How about Kraken, same problem?

Kraken, won't accept NY either. Terrible situation with the exchanges.

I've thought about doing some urban exploration vids here. Who knows? Maybe.