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RE: Should I Buy an Oculus Quest 2? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

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2D for me.., that's if I turn up. It's not going to be the same experience as Bangkok and my last VR system (the PSVR), I sold on quite quickly. It steamed up fast inside and the visuals became blurry. One needs an inbuilt AC unit to use these.


I can imagine it will look most depressing in 2D!

Do they tend do get hot then?

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It doesn't get hot at all in any way that you notice it, if you put your hand on the front it is a little warm but you don't feel it on your head.

You will get hot though from jumping around like an idiot, cause that is what you will look like to everyone watching you.

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I couldn't wear it for more than 15 minutes. I'm not saying this one is the same, but it looks similar in design.

I think I'm over it, I need to get my land legs on anyway, I can better spend that £400 quid towards real land, or a cabin, bore hole, tools, new van, or probably a whole load of other IRL things I'll need early next year!

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