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RE: The Internet Of Money

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I feel like I’ve seen this before but even if I have I’m sure it’s worth watching again. I’m glad you posted it. A lot of us would probably do well for a refresher to get our bearings in this madness. 😊


Agreed, it's a video to watch again and again every now and then, especially during the bear market. Helps a lot to see the bigger picture and make better decisions.

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I recently discovered 99 Bitcoins on YouTube, and there's a LOT of good beginner's stuff there. I'm learning about DeFi and it's been helpful. The "What is Bitcoin" video is excellent for a "plain speak" explanation,and they have one for just about everything...except HIVE... which we should do something about!

Thanks for the heads up, sounds like I have to look into their channel. Will drop a few comments shilling HIVE and LEO over there too.

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Lol. I ran there right after I replied and had to go to twitter to reach out, but i think they’re on FB, too.