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Dear Hivers,

The world outside is not stopping. There’s a company out there that has received over $900,000 funding…

And this company has launched a new service enabling you to start your own decentralized blog. You don’t have to do anything.

Simply click here. And There. And you are done.

Unstoppable Domains is the funded company which revealed this unique concept. They will help you run your own decentralized blog for a fraction of a cost.

Template3 copy 2.png

Only for $40, you can run your own decentralized blog. You get your domain name — with a .crypto extension. And you don’t have to pay every year renewal fees.

In short: You simply pay once — and get a lifetime ownership of your decentralized blog. Everything is hosted on the blockchain network. It’s pretty big when you think about it.

Even some of the big players like Tim Draper and other influencers and YouTubers are moving to this:

Template1 copy 1.png

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Search for a .crypto domain name
Step 2: Once found, buy this domain name (for $40)
Step 3: Connect it with your wallet (Metamask)
Step 4: Design your blog
Step 5: Start publishing content

Here’s an example of the first ever post published:


Because of the decentralized nature, all the bells and whistles — all the advantages — are yours. No one can suspend your blog or hack your content.

Even is a decentralized blogging platform and offers exactly the same experience.

When you think about it, are these decentralized blogs a threat to Hive? Perhaps. I don’t know. They are quickly gaining ground though.

For now, they are missing some key ingredients which I wish to share:

#1: First, the community angle. There is no community with your own decentralized blog. There is no built-in audience. And so you have to start from scratch.

#2: As you think it, every blog is disconnected. You can’t jump from one blog to another. Unlike on Hive — where each profile is like your own blog.

#3: Finally, decentralized blogs are tokenless. So there are no rewards for posting. Both the publishers and the readers won’t get paid.

With that being said, even @Engrave offers a custom domain name through — this is Hive’s own blogging platform where you can sign in through Hivesigner. And then, once you are in, you can get a free subdomain — or get yourself a custom domain name.

Template3 copy 3.png

There are also a couple of templates to pick from. I still feel there is a room for improvement though. In fact, this "decentralized blogging" also represents a massive opportunity for the Hive blockchain.

That being said, the concept of running your own blog with absolute control will be the future. Think of someone who wants to leak documents, or share confidential information, and there is absolutely zero censorship around it.

There is no concept of voting. No concept of verifying information. No plagiarism check. And purely uncontrolled censorship-resistant platform.

Goes without saying that decentralized blogs are taking over this year — and they will be taking over fast.


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Hmmm... interesting, it sucks to have to have a hosted blog.... but I'm not really a fan of the .crypto domain name at the end.

Haha! The thing is, the .crypto changes. It is only a human-readable form and then it points to the "cloudfare-IPFS."

Pretty great share, mate. I can see those missing ingredients being a turn-off for me, at least in the case of moving, or maybe putting more focus on a dedicated blog rather than posting in on Hive. As you say, it's pretty much every blog tied onto one platform that we can move between back and forth. I think that's more appealing to most people, though I could be wrong. Besides, it's this recipe that makes sites like Reddit and Medium so addictive to use.

I believe there's a similar initiative as well, in the form of dblog. It's a service that lets you run your own blogs, while using the Hive Blockchain. I've been keen to have a go, but again, not sure if its worth the effort to put away from or Peakd.

As far as I understood, dblog connects your blog to Hive blockchain, and does not host it.
So if you post something through your blog (while being connected to the dblog service), it will post the same content to HIve as well. I think its pretty cool, but in the end, you still have to host your domain on a centralized server.
I think this is where unstoppabledomains come... because they host the domain on a decentralized server. (I want to explore more, as I'm pretty new in these stuff, please let me know if you have any leads.)

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you still have to host your domain on a centralized server.


I think this is where unstoppabledomains come... because they host the domain on a decentralized server. (I want to explore more, as I'm pretty new in these stuff, please let me know if you have any leads.)

I will be getting mine this week. Let's see. Stuck on a good domain name. The reason I wrote this was to show how the company is making big moves (receiving funding too).

It also assures 100% privacy (hosting-wise, profile-wise, and domain-wise). For lifetime, this is a pretty sweet deal. (Though, note that hosting space is very less I heard).

I'd love to see, do let me know once you are done :D
I'm curious to see those in action. I'm also interested to start my own blog on them soon....

Great. I will let you know soon! <3

Cheers for the comments @beehivetrader and @sidwrites. I'm still kinda new to this, so unfortunately I can only learn and not preach XD! And now, I know more about how dblog works from you two. I guess if I'm going full-time, or perhaps when I'll be taking this to the next level, I might consider getting my own domain.

However, unstoppable domain lists sites with a .crypto, not .com, right? In that case, aren't only a few browsers or search engines able to list those sites? I can't imagine that having a good effect on SEO, especially not since Hive's around and growing with popularity. Still, it's a pretty neat concept, and I hope this takes off well :-)

I came to know about unstoppabledomains last week. Didnt check that time.
I checked today only.
To access those domains, you need to install a small extension, since they are on blockchain.
Like for example: To access your Ethereum account, you need an extension like Metamask,
Same for that Unstoppabledomain. Its just like you are accessing the blockchain (In layman terms)

This is all I understood when I checked them out.
It works fine, and as expected, (on my chrome and Brave browser).
and as for SEOs, well, I'm really not sure how that will work on content created and stored on the blockchain.

(Also they can be accessed from Opera browser on Android as of now.)
If browsers support this, I believe we can see good adoption in these things. A very nice initiative by people behind unstoppabledomains I must say

Here's what happened after I installed the extension and opened a site:
note: for example, I want to access ama.crypto.
First you need to type https://ama.crypto
if you dont type https, it may not work, ad may take you to search engine results.


Next: It happened in less than a second, (I was fast enough to take a screen snip lol)


Notice that the extension fired up

Final step:


you can see that you are able to access the site. (everything happened in a few seconds)

I should have written a post on this lmao. this got big :P

I was thinking of setting up my own blog through Engrave,
So do you know any custom websites on top of Dblog having their own domains? I am a bit confused actually,
Also I feel there will be some disconnect between the community (for example on Hive) and those decentralized blogs.
So anyone having knowledge here (I dont have much, thats why asking here :P) can explore the possibilities of connecting those 'decentralized' custom domains, maybe through Engrave (as it is the only solution I see available now), to Hive (and also have some feature to post on individual communities o Hive, like for example, Leofinance?
I think it will be a huge boost to the entire crypto community.

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So do you know any custom websites on top of Dblog having their own domains?

I believe @rishi556 runs a custom website on top of Dblog.

Definitely a massive opportunity!