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RE: The End Of Banking

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I wouldn't mind not owing consumer items like a car. Not owning anything at all is a horrible prospect because it means being at the mercy of those who own everything.

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it means being at the mercy of those who own everything


Sure, technology driving change means that not owning a car, just like we dont own music or videos, is appealing. It is also freeing because it drives the cost of transportation down.

However, what the WEF and Schwab are proposing is something completely different. To start, they are not having it driven by technology but, rather, government. This means that we are beholden to them to even a greater degree.

In my view, this is not healthy for anyone other than those at the very top.

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It certainly would be a disaster to let politicians to set conditions to UBI. But what is the alternative? Crypto? Crypto is nothing like UBI. You either earn it or buy it.