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RE: Cryptocurrency: Japan's Lost Generation Is An Example Of The Future

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When it comes to the ECB printing large quantities of QE money I say bring it on! The so-called asset based cryptocurrencies such as BTC are essentially receptacles through which the deluge of QE will flow trough. When central banks go on a buying spree, stock prices will go up and we know some of that money will find its way to crypto. Maybe not so much gold because gold is a thing mainly old people like to hold. When boomers kick the bucket their holdings will be in the hands of millenials who won't touch gold but buy crypto instead.

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That is true.

Also a lot of the money end up flowing into technology, that is why the NASDAQ keeps going to new heights, even more than the DOW and S&P.

It is the beneficiary of all that money printing.

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Absolutely true. I think NASDAQ will benefit mainly because the largest tech companies have benefited from the pandemic. Amazon is making a killing while brick and mortar's decline has accelerated. Office workers are increasingly working from home, which benefits telecommunications and software companies.

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