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RE: The income of irrelevancy

in LeoFinance3 years ago

This is tragically descriptive of one of societal ills;

Nowadays, the services that used to be provided by people we know are purchaseable, and now more than ever we don't even have contact with a seller as we buy more online. On top of this, we have outsourced conversation to algorithmic curated feeds and instead of getting to know one another through a network of personal relationships and chance encounters, we swipe left and right on those we like the look of.

What we have done is productized our existence as well as removed the need for interpersonal skills and as a result, we have made ourselves disposable in the same way that we dispose of others who do not offer us satisfaction of our desires.

That which was to originally bring us closer has separated us and made us strangers.


And strangers have no loyalty to each other and in the world we have created, very little need for direct interaction - other than our natural need for social intimacy of course... but we can ignore that.