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RE: Samsung Galaxy M31; The Game Changer? (A Sentimental Review)

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Recently, I have thought of getting a Samsung phone, I needed a better experience and I think the Samsung Galaxy M31 is just cool from the features you mentioned. 6000 mAh battery capacity is just too good , but the cost is high, I had made a budget of 80,000 naira and it's less compare to 134k


Well for this budget you can go for a redmi note 8 pro ROM 64, then RAM 4,

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I would have gone for that, but my love for Samsung Galaxy is strong

Hahaha cost and choice there at work. Truth is, you'll have to save to get it then. I hope to get the M40 maybe when it comes out next year. I'm hoping to have money by then.

You can also buy galaxy A31 for 102k

If I have 102k ,I do just better wait to get that of the 134k. Maybe that will be a phone I will use forever afterward. Lolz. Just a thought for now

You can go for Samsung Galaxy A30. It's a good bet for your budget. Check out its review here

Thanks man