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RE: Introducing Poshbot!

in LeoFinancelast year

I think your idea is brilliant and works really well. However how do I stop your bot from reposting my Tweets?

I sometimes share from PeakD to Twitter but your bot pushed the Twitter post back to my original post in the reply. Does not look good and I have been told that when someone tries to retweet said post it pushes back again to my original post on PeakD, can you imagine my blog if my Twitter post was retweeted hundreds of times, yikes.

I'm all for automation etc but not when for one it does things you don't want doing and also it was not asked for. If you could refine it to recognise when a post has already been posted and not to share it again then you might have the next generation development in you hands. Also I think you should ask people if they want to try your products before hand, just out of courtesy.

 last year 

It does not post on retweets.

Sorry, maybe colleague gave me the wrong information. Moving forward I am one for sharing etc but maybe you could have the bot programmed to not send the post back to the original post. That would be more ideal to me but guess it's personal preference, some people might like seeing a reply to their own post with their own post but I just don't get it. Perhaps its the database management side of me that does not put the same data in twice 🙂

Despite difference of opinions of what you should or should not do I wish you all the best with your venture.

 last year 

The comment isn't for you, it is for others. Unless it is when someone else shares your post then it helps you be aware of that.