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RE: Joining The Saturday Savers Club

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Hello @jane1289, this is a great savings goals post!

I can understand you being wary about making goals, especially if you have had some disappointing experiences. The trick is to set realistic goals based on what you know is possible with maybe a little bit extra to stretch your self and your goals look very realistic 😍.

If you are depending on post and curation rewards to grow your savings, a much more sustainable route is to grow your network with other people you like and where you can support each other. The individual rewards will be smaller but much more consistent than depending on whales, and over time you will have a more reliable source of income.

The Saturday Savers Club provides a ready-made network of supporters who will support your posts and where you can support their posts, too. Let's see how quickly you can reach your goal with the Saturday Savers Club! 😎

Thank you for writing about the Saturday Savers Club, your friends are very welcome, they can drop by and comment and see how they like it. They may even win some tokens!


grow your network with other people you like and where you can support each other

I am not depending on the curation rewards .and I am interacting with others too.. Even have brought a bunch of people here. But I don't push them to give support to me like how I support them. It's all up to them..
Thanks btw

Good plan - I agree pushing for support is not a good look.
Good to have you here 😍

Thank you 😊