I Got 99 Problems But a Btc Ain't One

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I just realized a couple days ago that the dollar index - USDX, an index that has been around since the Nixon Shock in 1972 set off this forex volatility life - is down around 4% this month.

My faith in economics is restored! It turns out that the Federal Reserve System can’t just willy-nilly create money out of thin air to counteract bad news (like 30 million Americans unemployed!) without at least some negative consequences.

The decline in the dollar has (understandably, if you think about it) lit a fire under any asset that is predominantly priced in USD (hint: they all are). Pretty much if whatever you’re holding hasn’t gone up 3.5% in dollar terms this month, that is a crap asset.

3.5%/mo. is 51% APY, so.... no wonder the stock market is on fire.

Which brings me to bitcoin, the grandaddy of crypto. The King is up about 14% from its May 12 low and about 5% in the past month, which is about what you would expect from this cryptocurrency - to beat the returns of a mega-inflationary currency, which is kind of an understatement right now when you're talking about USD.

There’s so much to worry about these days I’m not even going to list it.

If you want to disengage from the increasingly maddening world of stocks, BTC is your best option.

Just set it and forget it.

It’s a worthy alternative investment these days as staying in USD right now nets you a -51% yield.

I doubt we'll see another down 3.5% month in the greenback. But man, that’s rough stuff.

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Wuttup? The Bird is the word.

Disregard fiat, acquire cryptocurrency. :D

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Love the title...we will see that Bitcoin will end up being the best asset class in terms of ROI this decade.

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I was debating Btc or Btc

I agree with Roland, I love the title and I agree that deflationary appreciating assets are the place to be long term. I am in Dividend paying stocks Stocks, Bitcoin and Ethereum, for now.