Let's Celebate Samuel Morse

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The first long distance messages were smoke signals sent by Chinese soldiers as far back as 1800 BC. The First Nations in North America also used smoke signals to communicate over great distances.

In 1837 Samuel Morse developed an electrical telegraph and a signaling alphabet using dots and dashes. This alphabet would come to be known as Morse Code and would become the standard for telegram communication.

The First Telegram

On May 24, 1844 the Morse sent the first commercial telegraph message. “What hath God wrought?” was tapped out in Morse code at the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC. Received at the B&O's Mount Clare Station in Baltimore, MD. The same message was sent back.

What Motivated Samuel Morse?

I wonder what he would think today to discover the massive changes in our world built off that first electronic transmission. Morse was reportedly motivated to pursue creating the telegraph and code to use on it through the death of his wife.

His wife fell gravely ill in Connecticut while Morse was in Washington, DC. He received a message via horse messenger which was slow moving. He left immediately to race to his wife’s side. He arrived to find she not only died but had been buried.

The Long-Term Result of His Work

As the result of his move to create the technology to speed up the sending of messages of great urgency we now have technology that allows us to be in second by second contact with others during an emergency.

The technology has become so much more than messages. The internet and the technology being built as the result of having it contributes to making our lives better

The Modern Day Shopping List

For the last two years a good friend has done my grocery shopping. With an app I enter my shopping list that goes to him. When he’s shopping if something is out of stock, he snaps a picture of what is available and I decide if I want a substitute.

Other Benefits

Sick people can be treated by doctors miles away through tele-medicine.

Researchers around the world were able to collaborate in real time when the pandemic hit to identify and build an understanding of what was being dealt with.

We can walk down a street and participate in an online chat group.

And Then There is Web 3

As Web 3 becomes more deeply established in our lives we’re finding ways to monetize much of what we do for free now. The walk down the street while participating in an online chat, the walker can earn tokens on the blockchain.

It's Not All Sweetness & Light

It’s not all sweetness, light and even income. New technologies can be exploited and used for negative actions, scams, cons etc.

Every advancement in human history has had people figure out how to take advantage and hurt others when it was built to do good. As humans we have to learn to deal with that good and the bad of any advancement.

It shouldn’t stop us from appreciating the efforts of those who went before us.

Thank you Samuel Morse.

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Fast communication always saves us a lot now.. thanks to people like Morse who foresight the importance and relevance of that way back

Thanks for a beautiful post

WOW... I love old things and this is so super cool.
Never seen one in RL myself, and this sure is a piece of history.
Love it 😍

noticed this gem due to your reblog - me too, a fan of old things, TNKS! 🤸

Excellent stuff, I think we need more of this kind at our Hive... but maybe in Education / Learning / Antique and vintage / communities, not Leo... 👍

hmmm interesting. You seem to have missed the point of the post. Maybe reading it all might help.

maybe ...

as humans we have to learn to deal with that good and the bad of any advancement.

anyway I remember that any new remedy will be used for the same old purposes.

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What a fabulous invention it was. I can recall learning Morse code at school in the seventies. My word hasn’t it changed so dramatically in the years since?

Excellent post mate and how far have we come but...

You might want to Google David Alter ;-)

he's irrelevant to the point of the post.