Fixing an OBS Issue for PYPT

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Yesterday I noticed I had a display issue on my OBS setup for PYPT. This morning I decided to fix the problem and take some screenshots while I was at it for a post.

OBS is Open Broadcaster Software, a free and open source software package for video recording and live streaming. It’s the software most of the gamers use when livestreaming their gameplay. I only use a portion of its ability, but, it gets the job done for me.

If you take a look at the header image I used, you’ll see the problem is the colour choices I made for my text doesn’t show up. No idea why I missed this before now. But, time to get it fixed.

To make the link between Discord and OBS for recording I go into Streamer Mode which OBS does for me as soon as I open it up. I can link to the discord streamkit page and from there connect OBS. I can also connect other services I’ve not used yet.

When I click to connect to discord I get to the setup for the overlays I use for the text chat and voice chat. You see what looks like a screen recording. In a way it is but it’s a screen I created to display what is going on.

The first step I’m going to do is fix the text chat overlay. This is a screenshot of how it appeared in OBS.

Here’s the overlay setup where I’ll play with the controls to fix the problem. First I had to get the colour code for the green background. I pullled that from the original image stored on my iPad in Procreate.

This is a closer look of the overlay I’m working on. I need to go to the widget, mess with the controls and then bring the resulting code back to this screen in OBS.

Okay this is the fixed text showing in OBS. I switched from light text to black and I lightened the background colour so it shows up better.

Now to the Voice overlay. As there are so many who are in the channel for PYPT shows, I set OBS to only show the current speaker. If I showed them all most of the speakers wouldn’t be seen.

On the left, you’ll see how the voice text showed when I started and on the right is it fixed. I enlarged the text and made it black.

I recreated (more or less) the original screen shot which I showed in the header. I think this displays much nicer now.

I should have noticed the problem a lot sooner. But, hopefully I’ve not missed any others. There is a quirk in the text overlay that shows some names as “object” and I have no idea why.

A little peak behind the scenes of PYPT. If you’d like to know more about the show, visit my most recent recap post.

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There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes, @shadows.

I think the larger black font works a lot better! 💛

Thank you for the feedback Julia .. much appreciated.

This new look is better and more visible. I guess this is what you were working on when you were the only one on voice Channel this afternoon. Haha. I wanted to jump in and say Hi but I had a lot going on.

Glad you fixed it. You are buzzing this tech world ✌️

Thank you for the feedback ... yes that is what I was doing in the channel. You would have jumped in and heard HI HI HI HI .. I have to speak to make the speaker appear.

Nice. I will surely jump in the next time I see you playing around with that. Haha. I may even get to hear Hobo's voice. Lolz.

This made me to remember pypt , I've missed it though, I'll try and create time for it....
Thank God that everything comes out better after working on the display, well done ma'am

Thank you @maryjacy ... PYPT is on tomorrow at 12pm Eastern time .. see you there?

yeah... I'll try to be there ☺️

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Ya gotta love all the work that goes on behind the scenes. How many hats do we creative folks wear? From the actual content we create to tech support to share what we and others have created and just about everything else in between.

Great idea for a post, by the way. All the ingredients that go into making the magic.

Slowly starting to recognize ways I can build in public .. even when it's repair.

Yes! But then again you already know I'm a big fan of building in public. untitled.gif

Much better! 🙂 Nice one, Shadows!