AI Explaining Itself -- Sort Of

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AI Siting.png

I’ve been using AI for a couple of months to generate images for my posts, podcasts, journal covers and coloring pages. It’s been interesting getting the hang of how to create the text prompts in order to get what I’m seeking.

There has even been times it appears that I’ve either stumped the AI Generator or it shows bias in how it produces images. I thought I’d sit one down and ask it a few questions about some of the situations I’ve had.

Woman Knitting while Sitting in a Kayak

This was the first time I got some really odd responses from the image generator. I started out I wanted a grandma sitting in a chair knitting. I kept getting variations of this:

Grandma in Chair Knitting.png

Then I tried to get the figure into a Kayak since the person I had in mind likes Kayaking. I got this:

Grandmas in Kayak .png

Eventually I used this image.

Grandma Knitting.png

I took the question to GPT Chat AI:

SHADOWS: when I prompted an AI Image generator for an image of a woman knitting in a kayak it generated an image of a woman knitting in a a kayak that was knitted ... doesn't AI understand what knitting is?

As a large language model, I don't have access to the functionality of an image generator, so I'm unable to comment on the specific image you describe. However, it's important to keep in mind that image generation models are limited by the data they are trained on and the algorithms used to generate the images.

sounds like the language model has been trained by a PR firm

They may not always generate images that align with our expectations or that accurately reflect the real world. In the case of the image you describe, it's possible that the model simply didn't have enough information about what a kayak looks like and generated an image that doesn't accurately reflect the real world.

how silly of me… kayaks have only been around for thousands of years. I should have known the AI would not know what it was

It's also possible that the model was trying to be creative or humorous in its output.

can’t produce an accurate kayak but does humour hmmm

So I guess that’s the end result. Humour beats real world content. Let’s see what it does with gender bias.

The Young Girl Finding An Unconscious Male

After trying to get the AI to generate a bearded male unconscious on a path and a young woman finding him without success, I then asked the GPT Chat to generate a prompt for me which I use with the same type of response:

Guy laying on path with young Girl finding.png

The AI seemed to be determined that it was going to be a guy finding a girl. After trying some variations on the GPT prompt without getting any closer I finally removed the girl from the image and ended up with this:

man laying on path.png

Let’s see what my AI friend has to say:

SHADOWS: when I prompted an AI Image generator for an image of a young girl finding an unconscious bearded man on a path on a snowy night, it kept returning a guy finding a young girl. I even asked you to write the prompt and got similar results with the bias toward male rescuing female. Is AI gender biased?

AI models can reflect the biases present in the data that they are trained on, as they learn to recognize patterns in the data and make predictions based on those patterns.

If the data used to train an image generation model includes a disproportionate number of images showing men rescuing women, the model may be more likely to generate images of men rescuing women when it is prompted to do so.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the model is biased in the sense that it has a preference or prejudice, but rather that it has learned to associate certain patterns with certain outcomes based on the data it has seen.

It's important to carefully consider the potential biases that may be present in the data used to train AI models and to try to mitigate those biases to the extent possible.


So there we have it. AI is going to have some built in gender bias due to the material it was trained on. I would hope that future generations of AI will actually follow the direction given in prompts which would overcome that bias.

On to the next one where race stereotypes crops up. Likely going to get a similar response, but let’s see.

A Male & Female Pimp

My next encounter was when I decided to refresh the pimp images I’ve been using for PYPT. I asked the AI generator to give me a male and female pimps flamboyantly dressed. I got the flamboyantly dressed but all black.

Male  Femal e Pimps.png

I tried several tweaks and finally came the closest I could get by adding that one should be caucasion. The results was only marginally better.

After Adding Caucasion.png

Let’s see what AI has to say:

I prompted an AI Image generator for images of a male and female pimp flamboyantly dressed. It returned all black models of pimps. Even when I specified one black and one Caucasian the result was more one black and one mixed race. Racial stereotyping?

GPT Chat:
It's possible that the image generator you used was trained on data that includes a disproportionate number of images of black people dressed as pimps, and therefore the model learned to associate certain patterns with certain outcomes based on the data it has seen.

As a result, when the model was prompted to generate images of people dressed as pimps, it may have been more likely to generate images of black people because that is what it has learned to expect based on the data it has seen.

It's important to carefully consider the potential biases that may be present in the data used to train AI models and to try to mitigate those biases to the extent possible.


I certainly hope that developers are paying attention to what it’s AI is telling it or we’re going to continue to be plagued with historical stereotypes and biases even as society moves away from them.


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Hmm. I would say it did tried it best. And it’s always on an improvement. They can’t be as accurate, even humans are not so perfect.

I love the pimp image generated.
Thanks for sharing

With love ❤️
Pirate Q from dreemport

I actually loved the pimps it created.

I also did think the AI always generating a man trying to recuse a girl is because most ladies love to be rescued by men.. you know that Prince Charming sort of thing.... lol

Happy New year and Month of Joy 🙏 Improvement is need which will take little time Hope for the very Best 🙏
Reading from @dreemport

The AI generated a man rescuing a woman mostly because the Knight always rescue the Damsel in distress.

I have to admit you did good changing things to your taste.

Your conversation is exactly what happened to me when I tried using that thing. Meh, i'd better stick to pexels and canva.

I did enjoy this post. I didn't expect how AI would grant your requests. And yes, I find it satisfying by the images you shared. I want to try this too soon. And maybe the same as you, I won't get what I want 100% HAHA

Got your post in @dreemport.

Oh marvelous 🙄

And on we go...

Super interesting perspective on AI. Nicely done 👏

it's always interesting the results.

Does the order of prompt words matter?

Hello there.
The AI is indeed brilliant. I've never had the chance to use one. We often discus about It in the neoxian city.

It is amazing how this AIs can write poems (amazing poems) and answer brilliant questions.


Probably with time, the AI will be programmed with vast and accurate information that will fit each user's taste and not the other way round 😅😅😅.

The pimps were okay but the unconscious guy pics were complete opposite....... what you asked VS what you got 🤣🤣🤣.
#Dreemport brought me here.

I still like the last image the AI generated of a woman kayaking and knitting too. Though, we can't rely much on them as they can't be perfect and sometimes would not give the result you'd wanted.

For the second image, it depicts a man trying to save a girl. Well, you still came out with nice results.

I popped in through Dreemport

This is funny but at the same time, Chat GPT is one of the best AI right now. The AI is very fast in thinking but everything might not be accurate.

You still got some nice results though, I love it
Which other AI are you using, please?
#popped in from dreemport.

I did read the art of AI art was in the writing of the prompt. I have tried a couple of images and find the anatomy can be shocking!

Fascinating! The underlying bias that may be present in these apps! I have been enjoying using Midjourney to create images for my posts. I have been using the free trial to date but think it may be worth signing up to the light version at some point. It's quite addictive and FUN! and the images end up unique, which is nice! I saw something funny today from @riverflows . It made me lol so much. She was saying in her post where she had used Midjourney to create images of Australian birds, that she was flagged effectively for using banned words. She tried to create an image of a black cockatoo... apparently the AI likes to split words up! And would not allow the use of this prompt black cockatoo as the phrase black cock was banned 🤣 So it can get a bit over the top with its sensitivity to word choices too! Perhaps a bit too clever for it's own good at times! !LOLZ !PIZZA

This guy said he was going to attack me with his guitar.
I said is that a fret?

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I have to wonder if we are training AI or if AI is training us? I have not spent time with art AI, but have been intrigued by the time I've spent with ChatGPT. Sometimes there is a line or two out of a word salad response that is fantastic.

I've tested the AI too severally, yue result was terrible, so I stopped.
I think this AI are no t yet open to some languages and data