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RE: Blockchain: Changing Nation-States And The Economy

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I am sure this process will be faster. The disruption as a process works quickly and almost imperceptibly. The Internet is 40 years old, the WWW is 30 years old, Web 2.0 is about 10 years old, and now in a year or two, I expect Web 3.0 to prevail.
Of course, I am sure that the Big Corporations will want to tailor everything to their advantage, but this is only possible if the whole of humanity is completely blinded which is not the case ...


Big corporations will be forced to adapt or die. We are seeing a lot of long time business going under for failing to adapt.

It will be the same here. The ones at the top are the innovators...the rest are just lagging behind until they go out of business.

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Yeah, that's kind of how it's going to be. 😎