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RE: The cost of technological spread

in LeoFinance2 years ago

The hive will grow just not fast. It will retain those that are patient and creative. it's a weird one when you explain it to others their immediate thought is "oh I'll make loads of cash" when the reality is it will take time and effort. I think we mentioned it recently in commenting that those who are happy to put a creative effort in as they enjoy that as a process will stay and grow and eventually thrive. Those that just perceive it to be a post and earn won't see a quick enough return and fall by the wayside.


I find it interesting on Hive (or crypto in general at how many people think that it is a get rich quick scheme that they have the ability to play easily. People talk about how the money isn't worth it here - but don't recognize how hard it is to get any traction elsewhere - as if going viral is within everyone's reach.

Enjoy what you do and if the rewards don't come - at least you enjoyed what you do.