Using LeoDEX to Change your Voting Weight Multiplier for Hive-Engine Tokens

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Hi Bloggers and Investors and users of everything HIVE.

Today I am going to do a little tutorial on how to manipulate voting weights using to save your voting power on HIVE and utilise it effectively on other SCOT tokens.

1. LeoDEX

Firstly, head on over to, login to your account (Hive Keychain is my go to):
Screen Shot 20210113 at 9.22.32 am.png

2. Rewards Page

Choose the rewards button at the top of the page and it will bring you to this page:

Screen Shot 20210113 at 9.24.41 am.png

3. Vote Weight Multiplier

Now on this page you can select two options next to each token on the right hand side. Either the claim button (but this is not really needed any longer as tokens are auto claimed once every 24 hours) and the vote power adjust button. Selecting the vote power button brings up the following screen:

Screen Shot 20210113 at 9.36.02 am.png

As you can see I have adjusted my multiplier for LEO tokens to x2. This means that when I give a post a 50% power vote (on HIVE) it will actually translate to a 100% power vote on LEO. This can be applied to all of the tokens including SPT, WEEDCASH, ARCHON, ASH, STEM, etc.

There is no difference from a 100% vote to a 50% vote through the LeoFinance frontend.

Screen Shot 20210113 at 9.39.09 am.png
Screen Shot 20210113 at 9.38.54 am.png

It's that easy and saves your overall vote power on Hive. I mostly vote PAL based posts at 25% overall power but have my PAL multiplier at 4x so that posts still get a full 100% PAL upvote.

This feature is particularly helpful for people who hold all their tokens in one account. A short but sweet tutorial that is hopefully useful for you!

Thanks for reading.

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Thank you very much I finally understood about the vote multiplier, I thought that one changed the value of the Leo token on the reward page in Leodex and this translated into my voting power in Leo increasing but I see that it has nothing to do with that.

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I didn't know multiplier could be set above 1. I have changed many of the settings to make sure I use my tokens well. Thank you for reminding me to check this out :-)

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The LeoDex multiplier is awesome. I love that it exists and I don't have to worry as much about burning down my HIVE.

OMFG I had no idea that was possible. That's amazing! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to set that up right now.

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Nice. I just tested it and it works like you said.

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hmm interesting!! Do you know how can i do the opposite and change hive multiplier when i vote from leo?

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I would adjust the multiplier to say 0.5 so you only get a 50% vote on hive.

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So when I set the multiplier of Leo to 0.1 my 100% vote on Leofinance will result in a 10% vote on Hive?

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Yes that should work.

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Strange... I tried to set it to -10 and confirm with hivesigner (master password), but when I open the setting again it's back at 1 🤔

It might not do lower than 1 multiplier. I've never worried about going lower

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How is it working for you?

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