$BRO Returns - 24% APR

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After my shill post on $BRO and Brocoin on Hive-Engine, I was asked what returns I am making on my investment in $BRO.

The following returns are what I am seeing at the moment daily:

$HIVE - 0.147 (0.0225c)
$LEO - 0.014 (0.0022c)
$PAL - 0.033 (0.0002c)
$NEOXAG - 0.285 (0.0003c)

This is from an investment of 50 $BRO, currently valued at $37.50. A return of approximately 24% APR based on current prices. Not bad and I predict it will only get better.

You also get access to a fantastic community and I am investing long term as the coin will grow in it's limited supply. Upvotes also come from the team when you invest which gives greater returns as well.

I'd like to see the following tokens added with daily returns distributed:

  • $SPORTS - SportsTalk token
  • $SPT - Splintertalk token
  • $STEM - STEMgeeks Token is in the portfolio but no daily returns yet
  • $WEED - WeedCash Token is also in the portfolio but no returns yet

I am sure the team will continue to determine what other coins are to be staked and returns distributed to token holders.

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for the detailed report, @scooter77! Appreciate it!

24% is a nice return... + upvotes... Good work!